We’ve just launched our Zapier Integration in the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can now unlock integration with loads of third party apps offered via Zapier to send or receive data in your Paid Memberships Pro-powered membership site.

What is Zapier and what are Zaps?

Zapier is a service that moves info from one application to another. Think of it as a bridge that can connect your website to an external application or service.

Zapier uses the term ‘zap’ to refer to the basic connections that automate a process for you (a trigger with an event). Our Zapier Integration includes support for sending data from your membership site to an external application as well as receiving data from an external application into your Membership site.

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What are some popular integrations I can set up using this Add On?

The more you familiarize yourself with Zapier and its supported apps, the more you will be able to imagine potential ways to extend your membership site. The Add On documentation page offers more details on what data is available via the integration, as well as the possible “actions” and “triggers” you can use in Zapier.

A few of the more popular ways we see Paid Memberships Pro working with Zapier to SEND data include:

  • Populating and Updating Google Sheets with new lead information from your Paid Memberships Pro site.
  • Integrate with a third-party email marketing program, like ActiveCampaign or Campaign Monitor, where there isn’t an existing Add On for PMPro.
  • Send member information to a CRM system like HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Adding new lead information to an email sent to your Gmail address so you can personally follow up with your members.
  • Create invoices from membership orders in your QuickBooks Online account.

If you’re looking to RECEIVE data into your Membership site, some possibilities include:

  • Leverage a third-party gateway system such as ClickFunnels to sell membership and create accounts on your site.
  • Update a user’s membership level when they participate in social activities or register via third party apps.
  • Check a member’s level before providing access to a third party service.

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Hello! I’m interested in using this add-on with PMPro, but I’m also wondering if this would work to get user data as well. While I used a different Membership Plugin they passed the entire User item including custom fields. If I used a community plugin like BuddyPress or PeepSo would I be able to grab Profile field data when the user registers or changes their membership level using this add-on?

Thank you!

Can the change_membership_level action move someone from a membership to not having a membership level like you can from the UI when you change a level to — None — ? Ideally, I’d like to remove membership access for failure to pay when managed by ThriveCart.


How do I Leverage a third-party gateway system such as ClickFunnels to sell membership and create accounts on your site?

I` looking for a program that will allow purchases made in clickfunnels trigger an automatic enrolment into my learndash and create an account for them automatically (or autoenrol them when they register). Can PMPro do this? I`m also using activecampaign with clickfunnels and a learndash LMS.

Hello Melissa,

I am trying to do exactly the same. Have you achieved this integration with PM Pro? Would be delighted to hear your answers.

It doesn’t seem to be pulling in the user’s name…. only email and username.. anyway to add this? Need it for email purposes.

Hi @avaloncakes,

Have you opened up a support ticket for this? If not, try opening one and attention it to ‘Andrew’, he might be able to help with this. If you have already opened one up, let me know and I will check in on it.

I am using this to pass a member into PMPro from our Click Funnels site but the user expiration date isn’t applying even though the level has an expiration date set. I have tried everything I can using the Add-on but cannot get the expiration date to set for the new member.

We are still working on updating this and adding in various hooks for developers to adjust the data that is sent to Zapier. Unfortunately I cannot give an exact time when this will be implemented.

Hi Kimberly
That is a perfect add on. But how on earth does it work? Could any of you show an example of how this would look in Zapier. I’m thinking that a Webhooks is the answer, but how exactly am I using the Webhook? Is it a POST as FORM or JSON or? Lets say I want memberships sold outside the membership site, then I want to use the add_member action and include the first_name, last_name, user_login, user_email, level_id parameters.
I feel like I have tried everything without any luck. Hope you can help.

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