The Art of Value is a podcast by Value Pricing advocate Kirk Bowman. Kirk interviews people across varied industries, digging up useful tips and advice for pricing your products and services.

Jason recently completed an interview for the podcast, discussing the history of Paid Memberships Pro and how to price a WordPress plugin.

The interview details the price adjustments that Paid Memberships Pro made this summer and how we’ve been testing to find the optimal price for our products.


This podcast is a useful for anyone considering or worrying over a price increase on your own membership sites. You’ll also learn about the history and pricing story of Paid Memberships Pro.

Click here to listen to The Art of Value: Creating and Pricing a WordPress Plugin

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Loved listening to this Jason! Reallllly excited about the new plugin for conversion stats! Beyond excited. Thanks again for the amazing plugin, it’s been exactly what I need every time and I really appreciate it.

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