Nexcess’ Managed WordPress Hosting is the absolute best managed hosting option for membership sites running Paid Memberships Pro. If you are serious about running a successful membership site with Paid Memberships Pro, you should definitely check out Nexcess, a Liquid Web Brand.

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Nexcess, a Liquid Web Brand

We recommend the “Maker” Plan.

The “Maker” plan (currently $79/mo) is the best option for a growing membership site. The “Spark” plan (currently $19/mo) will work for smaller sites. If you are unsure of which plan to use, there is a 14-day free trial. If you like what you see, it is very easy to upgrade your account at any point.

All of Nexcess’ (Liquid Web Brand) Managed WordPress plans address every hosting recommendation we have for sites running Paid Memberships Pro… automatically.

  • Server. Liquid Web’s servers are configured specifically for ecommerce websites running WordPress. In addition, their servers are blazing fast compared to anything else out there. There is server level caching to speed things up. However, you need to remember to avoid caching your members-only content and dynamic checkout process. In our experience, the server caching worked with PMPro automatically with no configuration changes needed.
  • PHP. Your hosting plan will come installed with a secure, supported version of PHP. If you want to run the very latest version of PHP like we did, changing the version on your plan is as easy as changing a single dropdown setting. Liquid Web will test things to make sure your site won’t break and then automatically upgrade or downgrade PHP for you.
  • Database. Liquid Web understands that membership sites, ecommerce sites, and other transactional sites require fast read and right speeds. Liquid Web gives your MySQL databases enough space and the right configuration to work well for your Paid Memberships Pro site.
  • SSL. Modern websites should always use HTTPS/SSL. Liquid Web’s sites automatically come with SSL certificates – at no extra charge.
  • CURL. FTP. Command Line. Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress is preinstalled with the server features you need and handles everything for you. At the same time, you are able to easily gain FTP or shell access, or safely set up a staging environment for your site.

Our Experience

When we spoke with the Liquid Web engineers about their platform, it was obvious to us how well they understood both the technical requirements to run WordPress smoothly and the user requirements to make their platform easy to use.

When we took the Maker plan for a spin ourselves, we were blown away by how fast the site was and how few problems we had getting things set up.

We recommend Liquid Web’s managed WordPress hosting for Paid Memberships Pro and other WordPress sites. Their plans will work for any sized website and almost any use case.

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Note: The link above is an affiliate link, and Stranger Studios/Paid Memberships Pro will receive some money depending on the plan you sign up for. Rest assured that even if we were not getting paid for it, we would still recommend Nexcess’ Managed WordPress hosting as highly as we do here. Thank you for supporting Paid Memberships Pro.