Is there any chance of changing the sequence of the sections like having the profile first and then the memberships and last invoices
e.g. [pmpro_account sections="profile,membership,invoices"] this does not work the default is shown as is…

Yes! You can add the shortcode multiple times with the sections you need.
[pmpro_account sections="profile"], then [pmpro_account sections="membership,invoices"] should display it this way.

So, to be clear, the “ways to use this feature” bullet point “Use it to hide sections entirely, for example the “Links” section IF YOU DO NOT NEED MEMBERS TO CANCEL” is not actually true. It doesn’t allow you to get rid of the “Cancel” link within the Membership chunk. You can get rid of the whole Membership chunk, though.

removing the ‘links’ attribute does not work. Even after writing the shortcode as [pmpro_account sections='membership,profile,invoices'] the links ‘Renew’ and ‘Cancel’ still show up in ‘My Memberships’.
Is anybody else having this issue?

The “links” block is the “Member Links” section that shows up (by default) below the invoices section. If you want to remove the links in the “account” section, open a topic on our member forums and we will help you with this customization.

Just a quick question about the use of this shortcode or any other shortcode. I’m still a bit new to codes and stuff.

How do I change the text that is generated by this shortcode? So if I for example I’d like to change the word Memberships in My Memberships to Products so it says My Products, how would I do that?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, I’ve never understood the Member Links feature properly. What is it that appears in Member Links? Am I able to add specific pages to the list of Member Links, e.g. “Your Downloads”? Thank you

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