PMPro-Membership-CardThe plugin adds a new shortcode, [pmpro_membership_card], which assigns a page as the Membership Card page. You can also set a featured image for the post, which will be displayed on the membership card.

If Paid Memberships Pro is activated, then only members will be able to view the membership card. If not, the card will show for all WP users.

If you’re a member here at Paid Memberships Pro, check out your membership card here.

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I printed my membership card. It printed 3 pages. One junk page and 2 pages with 3 different sizes of membership cards. One of the pages had junk on it (google+ and facebook “like” buttons overlaying the cards. Can this be customized to just print a single wallet sized membership card? Everything else is just wasted ink/toner/paper.

So the print button there initiates the print action from your browser for that page. We have some CSS style in place to try to hide non-crucial things, but it’s very theme dependent RE hiding things. A future enhancement could be to create a page with minimal HTML/etc so the print comes out nicer. A quicker fix would be to give you some custom styles to fix printing on your site.

If you open a thread on our member forums and link us up to your site, we can help you sort that out.

Hi Rick,

I have reached out to our development team to see how possible this is. If it is relatively straightforward perhaps they will consider writing up a code recipe for the integration. If quite a bit of work is needed then I can open up a feature request for you.

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