We’ve been working with SiteGround with several clients and are very impressed with the quality of their hosting (even at the shared hosting levels) and their commitment to work with us to get Paid Memberships Pro running smoothly on their setup.


At this time, SiteGround is our preferred hosting partner. If you are wondering where to host your Paid Memberships Pro site, SiteGround is probably the answer. They have plans ranging from $4/mo shared hosting to $200/mo dedicated hosting. For most sites with less than 100,000 visits per month, we recommend the “GoGeek” shared hosting plan at $14.95/mo.  Sites with more traffic or other server performance requirements should look into the cloud and dedicated server plans.

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Some notes when using SiteGround hosting (we will be extending this section soon, but feel free to ask any questions in the forums right now):

  1. The SiteGround company is based out of Bulgaria, but your site will be hosted out of a data center in Chicago, Amsterdam, or Singapore based on your needs.
  2. Because SiteGround is a foreign company, a few people report that their credit card company either flags or calls to confirm the order. SiteGround is a legitimate company and this is just a precaution by your credit card company to protect you from fraud. If you tried to checkout on the SiteGround site and got a notice from your credit card company, you typically just need to confirm the order to proceed.

* The links above are affiliate links, and Stranger Studios/Paid Memberships Pro will receive some money depending on the plan you sign up for. Thanks for supporting Paid Memberships Pro.