Call To Action buttons are very easy to add to your website, emails, and forms. But getting people to actually click is another matter entirely. In this article, we will discuss how to create more click-worthy CTAs.

How to create more click-worthy CTAs

Call To Action

Calls to action: you’ve certainly seen them before and very likely use them on your own website. Look for the big, flashy buttons with text like “Learn More” or “Download Now” and you’ll have a perfect example.

If your clickthrough rate isn’t up to par, your CTA may need some improvement. Stronger language and better visual design can go a long way towards incentivizing clicks.

Make it Stand Out

The reason visitors may be ignoring your CTA is because they’re just not seeing it! Most people scan websites, so if the CTA isn’t very noticeable, they’ll glance right over it.

  • Use a colorful button rather than a simple text link.
  • Contrasting colors will help it stand out against your site’s palette.
  • Make it big.
  • Highlight it with white space.
  • Place it above the fold so it’s the first thing anyone sees.
  • Don’t be afraid to use multiple CTAs on a single page. Don’t make them scroll all the way back to the top. That’s how you lose conversions.

Wording Matters

A common trait of a poor call to action is weak wording. “Click here”, “Download”, “Sign up” — these are generic and boring. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Try using stronger language. Clearly state what will happen when the button is clicked while showing off the true value of your offer. “Try for free”, “Earn more customers”, “Get your personalized report”; all these use action-oriented wording while pointing out exactly what you have to give.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be too wordy. Clear and concise is best.

Use Marketing Incentives and Leverage FOMO

A little extra push can go a long way. Think about what your target audience really wants and capitalize on it. Offer a coupon, access to free content, an e-book, free products, points in a loyalty program; the list goes on.

FOMO, or fear of missing out, can also convince them. Make things limited like a sale with a time limit or signup slots that are quickly running out. 

When there’s little supply, people will push to get in before it’s too late, even on an offer they may have otherwise ignored.

Making it Count for Your Membership Site

Getting members on your site starts with a call to action. The methods used here are generally similar, but here are a few special tips:

  • Use action words and strong language that highlights your value proposition. “Get 100+ more free resources” is better than “Sign up”.
  • Offer interesting incentives. Try a membership discount (don’t forget FOMO; make it a limited offer!), free content from a higher tier or special profile features for those who sign up now.
  • Add your CTA everywhere it’s relevant, not just on your homepage. If you run a membership blog with some free content, you can place a CTA at the end of your free posts.

Increase CTA Clickthrough Rate

A poorly optimized call to action can damage your conversions. Remember these tips if you want to create CTAs worthy of your customers’ clicks: Design it so it stands out, get creative with clear, persuasive wording, and throw in a little incentive like a freebie to get people clicking.

Many people make the mistake of creating generic calls to action that aren’t exciting, compelling, or convincing. Don’t be one of them.

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