In Spring 2019 we celebrated a new addition to the team: our mascot Nugget.

We’re also launched a new Goals Progress Bar Add On to help you grow your membership site.

There’s so much to be thankful for.

In this quarter, we reached 80 000+ active plugin installs, added a team of brilliant developers, hatched our very first mascot, Nugget, and developed an Add On that allows you to create a progress bar for your membership site. We decided to run a Spring Sale so that more people can join in the celebration 🥳

Welcome to the team, Nugget!

If you were wondering about the chicken-centric wordplay in our social media posts and articles, I hope any confusion is now cleared up. We now have our very own mascot, and everyone in the family played a part in bringing Nugget to life.

We played around with a few mascot ideas (a goose, a mythical creature, a fish), but there was something about a chicken that struck a chord. Perhaps it’s because a good few of our team members are really just farmers at heart? So after all the brainstorming, we settled on a chicken.

I went to work creating several digital versions, guided by Kim’s chicken-owner feedback. We’ve watched Nugget develop from my early sketches on paper to the proud mamma hen she is now, standing on the hill in the morning sun, watching over her golden nest egg.

PMPro Mascot - Nugget and her nest egg

Marin's Original Nugget PaintingFun Fact: even Isaac and Marin, Jason and Kim’s kids, had a say in the conceptualization of Nugget. While Marin still wishes we went with her idea of a “Pirate Pig,” she’s coming around. She even did some original Nugget artwork for us.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

We settled pretty quickly on the concept of the “golden egg”, and from that moved to the decision that our mascot had to be a proud mamma hen. Every detail of Nugget has been carefully crafted to represent our brand, team, and mission. Here’s a bit of background on the design:

  • Color Choice: The blue and green accent colors on Nugget’s breast and tail feathers are our PMPro’s brand colors.
  • Cool Hairdo: A “comb” is a fancy chicken term for the red skin on their heads. I played around with Nugget’s comb until someone made the comment that it resembled the very popular hairdo that Jason (plugin co-founder) sports. We immediately put the two together and Nugget’s comb stuck ever since.
  • Golden Egg: I created a little golden egg to serve as Nugget’s sidekick. This is the goal of a membership site, and of our platform: revenue creation, wealth, nurturing a nest egg, protection, planning for the future, family, warmth, and protection.
  • Sparkle: The sparkle on the egg was shaped from a diamond and has been used subtly in other marketing material.
  • Name: We chose the name Nugget because 1) It’s a word used to refer to a chunk of gold, and 2) There’s this popular food made out of chicken. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Some kids really like them.
  • Designed by Us: I was the illustrator, (Travis Lima, Marketing Lead at PMPro), on this project so while I deserve tons of the credit, everyone had a part to play in bringing our beloved Nugget to life.
Early sketches of nugget
Early sketches and illustrations of Nugget

Development of Nugget
Nugget was originally blue but we thought that made her feel more like a bird rather than a chicken. We also reversed the comb direction to make her look less snooty, more funky fresh.

New Add On: Goal Progress Bar

Andrew Lima, lead developer of the “Southern” development team, was inspired to develop a progress bar for tracking membership revenue and signups. He took full development lead on the creation of the Goal Progress Bar Add On.

Goal Progress Bar Demo
Demo of the Goal Progress Bar in a Post

This plugin will allow you to embed a progress bar via shortcode or block that tracks either a revenue or a member count goal for your membership site. You can add multiple progress bars to your site—there does not have to be a single goal for the entire site. Block or shortcode attributes allow you to customize the look of the progress bar and measure results dynamically as members convert on your site. We set up a goal of our own: We want to reach 100 new members during the sale period.

View the Add On

Video Demo

Read the Add On documentation for more details on the settings and configuration.