Support Small Businesses With Our Black Friday Roundup

Part of the joy of the holidays is giving back to the community. We gathered some of our favorite Paid Memberships Pro sites that have Black Friday deals.

Take a look at some gorgeous sites, see what other PMPro entrepreneurs are doing, and if you feel so compelled sign up and support a small business.

We also have our own Black Friday sale starting this Friday.

Support Small Businesses with our Black Friday Round Up

Black Friday Buying Guide for 2021

The holidays are upon us and our lives are busier than ever. We scoured the internet and put together some of our favorite products & deals. We have a ton of technology suggestions, home office supplies, a few books, and some video games to relax.

These suggestions will support anyone who works from home or runs a business online.

Black Friday Buying Guide

How to Prepare for Black Friday: 9 Steps to Make Your Membership Site Black Friday-Ready

There are only a few weeks until Black Friday. If you haven’t started preparing, it’s high time you begin.

If it’s your first time running holiday sales, you might wonder how to prepare for Black Friday. What should you offer? How do you plan a marketing campaign?

We’ve got answers. 

Follow our system to nail Black Friday:

Prepare Your Membership Site Black Friday

Should You Create a Black Friday Landing Page?

Across the globe, businesses are busy preparing for the upcoming shopping holidays. A crucial part of that preparation is building Black Friday Landing pages to showcase Black Friday deals. 

The truth is, Black Friday represents a great opportunity for any business. Just in 2020, Black Friday recorded $9 billion in revenue, and here, at Paid Memberships Pro, we saw a 20-30% increase in our November revenue after releasing our Black Friday deals page. 

Paid Memberships Pro Black Friday Landing Page
The landing page we used for Black Friday 2020 

With that in mind, you may be wondering whether it’s worth building a landing page of your own.

To help you determine what’s best for you and your business, we’ll go over what you must know about landing pages and why companies choose to spend time and effort designing Black Friday landing pages. 

We’ll also explore what features make landing pages irresistible for customers and when it’s desirable or even necessary to set up a landing page.

Should You Create a Black Friday Landing Page

Should You Run a Black Friday Sale? Here Are the Key Considerations and Pros and Cons of Black Friday Sales

With Black Friday right around the corner, many small and medium business owners wonder whether they should participate in 2021’s Black Friday sales. 

Black Friday through Cyber Monday is the biggest sales event of the year. But it’s also highly competitive. That makes it difficult to predict whether participating in Black Friday will be profitable.

pros and cons of black friday

How to Run Your Most Profitable Black Friday Membership Promotion

Membership site owners are gearing up for one of the biggest Black Friday Cyber Monday weekends ever. We published this series of content geared at helping you fast track the sale planning and setup phase.

Dive into the articles and set yourself up to succeed during the sale and throughout the entire holiday shopping season.

Banner for blog on How to Plan Your Most Profitable Black Friday Cyber Monday Promotion

5 Tips for Running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale

Running a Black Friday sale can raise a lot of questions. Is my sale price appealing to customers and is it sustainable for me? Will members come to expect sales and devalue my actual price? Am I going to be able to meet the demand post-sale? Will the sale be worth my time and effort?

This article gives you 5 tried and tested tips to help you run a successful Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale that converts visitors into customers.

  1. Find Your Pricing Sweet Spot
  2. Make Sure Your Host Can Support the Load
  3. Develop a Marketing Plan of Attack
  4. Streamline the Member On-boarding and Order Fulfillment Process.
  5. Set Up a Sale-Specific Checkout Experience.
5 tips for running a black friday sale