Adding and updating Paid Memberships Pro add ons just got easier. You can now install our most popular add ons (mostly the third party integration options) directly via your site’s WordPress admin.

Take advantage of new features as these add ons grow and expand – and maybe more importantly to our customers – easily update when integration hiccups arise.

Checkout out these add ons at’s Plugin Repository:

Here are some other popular plugins by the Paid Memberships Pro team

These plugins do not rely on PMPro, but can be a useful addition to your membership site.

  • Force First and Last Name as Display Name

    Even if you are collecting the First and Last name at registration, WordPress defaults display name to the user’s username. This plugin will force display name to be first_name last_name – particularly useful for directory-type sites.

  • WP Bouncer

    Discourage account sharing by only allowing one logged in session per user account. This plugin will “bounce” the user’s session when a new session is created for the same credentials.

  • Hide Admin Bar from Non-Admins

    A simple plugin that will hide the WordPress admin bar (black bar at the top of your browser window) from logged in users that are not the Administrator role.

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Can the double opt-in signup process provided with MailChimp and AWeber PMPro add-ons be used with SMTP mail providers like SendGrid? Alternatively, how can I enable a double opt-in signup process with PMPro without using the MailChimp or AWeber add-ons?

I’d like to use the InfusionSoft order forms and then after a customer orders I want that customer to be automatically redirected to the specific membership level sign up/registration page. Is that possible to do with PaidMembershipPro?

Sounds like an InfusionSoft question. You should be able to set the thankyou/etc page of the IS form to /membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=1 or the checkout URL of the level.


I’ve noticed that, even if I collect the name, the integration with Infusionsoft does not send over the name – just the email.

This makes the plugin impossible to use. Is there a fix in the premium member area?



The organization I am working with to add membership pro has a number of extra fields for membership; these are set up as custom profile fields in MailChimp, I’m looking at the add on to add the custom fields to PMPro; how can this get transferred to Mailchimp? (unanswered here

The less than optimum solution is not doing this on the PMPro side and directing new members to complete profile on Mailchimp.

There is a pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields filter in the pmpro-mailchimp plugin that can be used to include extra fields in the API requests to MailChimp. If you need help using that, you can post to our member forums with the fields you want to include (include the WP meta key and the MailChimp merge name) and we’ll write up that code for you.

Hello, Could you please tell me where I would get the API Key and the Access Token for PMPro Constant Contact add on? I’ve looked under my CTCT account and I don’t see an API key. Thank you for your time.

Hi Kimberly. I’m total WP newbie. I teach drawing and watercolor online and am switching to WP platform and will download PMP and support as soon as I decide on simple, free, compatible WP theme. I’ve been using MadMimi for weekly list ezine since early 2011 and that is where my list lives. Do you see any integration on horizon for MadMimi and PMP or would I be thinking of switching to mail chimp or other service in future?

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