A subscription is an agreement with a customer to make payments at set intervals. A subscription is usually associated with a membership, though they are not the same thing.

Subscriptions manage payments, whereas memberships manage the member’s access to restricted content.

How to Access Subscriptions

To access subscriptions, select Edit Member from the Members List. Navigate to the Subscriptions panel.

Screenshot of the Subscriptions showing on the Members List under Membership > Members

Information About a Single Subscription

The single subscription screen gives you an overview of information about the subscription. Below is a list of fields shown on this screen:

Main Subscription Details

  • Sync With Gateway: Click this button to synchronize subscription information with the payment gateway.
  • Cancel Subscription: Click this button to cancel the subscription at the gateway. Note: this does not cancel the membership associated with this subscription. Refer to our documentation on how to cancel a member here.

Subscription Information

  • Member: Displays the member’s name with a link to edit the member or user.
  • Membership Level: The member’s Membership Level.
  • Status: The current status of the subscription (active or cancelled).
  • Created: The date and time when the subscription was created.
  • Next Payment Date: If the subscription is active, this field shows the date and time of the next payment.
  • Ended: If the subscription is cancelled, this field shows the date and time when the subscription ended.
  • Fee: The subscription fee.
  • Orders: The count of orders and a link to view all orders associated with the subscription.

Payment Gateway Information

This section contains details that help you look up the subscription at the payment gateway.

  • Subscription ID: A unique identifier for the subscription in the payment gateway.
  • Gateway: The payment gateway used for this subscription.
  • Gateway Environment: The environment of the gateway (Sandbox/Test or Live/Production)

Sync a Subscription with the Payment Gateway

Occasionally, subscriptions will automatically synchronize with the payment gateway (usually after a recurring order is processed). This will update data in PMPro about the subscription, such as the next payment date and billing amount data.

Some gateways allow syncing to be done on-demand. To push the sync, navigate to a specific members subscription and click the Sync With Gateway button.

Screenshot of the sync with gateway button within Member subscription information page in the WordPress admin

Note: Not all gateways will have the option to sync on-demand.

Cancel a Subscription

To cancel a subscription, follow one of these two methods:

  1. Method 1:
    • Navigate to the Edit Member screen.
    • Select the Memberships tab.
    • Click on “Cancel Membership.”
    • Choose “Cancel payment subscription (Recommended).”
  2. Method 2:
    • Go to the Edit Member screen.
    • Access the Subscriptions tab.
    • Click “View Details” for the subscription you wish to cancel.
    • Select “Cancel Subscription.”

Method 2 will not cancel the membership level. The user will still have access to membership protected content. This will only cancel the subscription at the gateway.

Change Membership Level for a Subscription

Membership levels and subscriptions are distinct entities within the system. Therefore, a membership level can be canceled while its associated subscription remains active. This scenario often occurs when transitioning a customer from one membership level to another while maintaining their current subscription.

To reassign a subscription to a new membership level, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Edit Member” from the Members List.
  2. Navigate to the “Subscriptions” panel. Select the subscription you wish to edit.
  3. Click on “Change Subscription Level.”
  4. Select the new membership level for the user.
  5. Click “Update Subscription Level” to apply the changes.

Note: In the rare case you are unable to update to PMPro 3.0 and are using an older version, please contact our support team for assistance.

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