WordPress allows all user roles access to view an access-level appropriate version of the WordPress Dashboard. For most membership sites, access to this “backend” dashboard is often unnecessary and can be confusing for your users.

Below are some options for blocking this dashboard and redirecting users to the desired page on login.

Block Dashboard Access

Paid Memberships Pro includes a frontend login experience and a frontend member profile editing page. For most users, the only reason you would need to allow access to the WordPress Dashboard is to manage their profile. You can read more about the Member Profile Edit page in this documentation guide.

To block dashboard access, navigate to Memberships > Settings > Advanced Settings in the WordPress admin. Locate the “Restrict Dashboard Access” section and click the two checkboxes to disable member access to the Dashboard and disable the Toolbar.

Screenshot of the "Dashboard access" settings under Memberships > Settings > Advanced

Redirect Members on Login

Paid Memberships Pro redirects all users, regardless of their role, to the Membership Account page. Below are links to a few posts we have on customizations to send users to an alternate page, such as the referring URL or a page of your choice based on their level:

  • Redirecting Members on Login
    This recipe will show you how to redirect members to a specific page after logging in.
  • Redirect Members to Pages Based on Their Level
    This post covers how to redirect members to certain pages based on their membership level, allowing each level to have a unique member login destination.
  • Redirect Members to Referrer on Login
    The steps in this guide allow you to set a referrer in the Memberships > Advanced Settings for your “Message for Logged-out Users:”. This way, when a user clicks to “log in” to view the members-only content, they will be redirected back to that URL after login.

Bonus tip #1: Member Homepages Add On

If you’re considering login redirection, you may also want to check out the Member Homepages Add On. This extension will redirect logged in members to a unique “homepage” based on their level. Any time a member attempts to access the actual site homepage, they will be sent to the appropriate page for them. I find this to be a great help when your site has to serve the dual purpose of marketing and “selling” membership along with being a well planned user experience for actual members.

View the Add On

Bonus Tip #2: Building a Member Dashboard

It’s great that you’re taking the time to consider the user experience and build a better login redirection process. But, what page are you going to actually redirect your users to?

I wrote a previous post on building a dashboard for your members. The post covers some recommendations to enhance your Membership Account page based on the type of site you’re running. Redirecting to the Membership Account page is a strong login experience as it provides detailed information about your member. And, if you take time to enhance this page with links to members content, the dashboard is an even more powerful landing page after login.

View the Guide on Member Dashboards

Let me know in the comments below if you have recommendations or requests related to login redirection—these are simply the most common ways we help users get their redirects in place.

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I think there is a ‘glitch’ that needs to be ironed out:

If you log in, and smoothly getting redirection / redirected / land /landing into a ‘specified page’; and then try to click on a Menu Tab to “Login” once again, User / Member will end up with the Dashboard page: http://www.xxxx.com/wp-admin/

How to overcome this issue?

Can you share what method you are using to show that “Login” menu tab? The most direct solution would be to remove it or filter it for the logged-in user. You can also explore our Nav Menus Add On which would allow you to create a custom menu for members (that link could be removed from the member menu version). See: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/add-ons/pmpro-nav-menus/

If you post this issue in a new ticket in the support area we can provide more direct/faster help.

Hi Erika,

Thank you for getting in touch with us! Would you kindly open up a topic on our Member Support Forums so that one of our Support Engineers could take a closer look at your site, the error that you are getting as well as help you with the “Themed Profile” module?

Tried Paid Membership Pro and couldn’t believe that the user login screen is the WP login and the dashboard shows. Having to use plugins (which didn’t work for me, is lame. This is not a complete solution and jumping through hoops to make it professional, i.e. NO WordPress for end users, makes it inferior to the membership plugins that have this basic capability built in.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. If there are existing plugins that do something well, we think it’s counterproductive to duplicate that functionality inside of PMPro. We still feel that way about login screens and hiding the dashboard.

Oops! You just shot yourself in the foot Jason. If you apply your logic across the board, then PMP would be made up almost exclusively of other developers open source plugins! Where do you draw the line? It’s time for you to pull the trigger on front end login and profile management! You have as much admitted this yourself in the past, but have procrastinated for far too long!

If I think we can build something better and other efforts aren’t more important, we’ll do it. Right now, I don’t feel that way about frontend login forms/etc. I respect that there are different opinions on this.

For those of us who are novices, like myself, it would be very helpful if you put this in your set up video for the free version. I say this just because I am testing your free version with my theme – Divi – and I wanted make sure before I upgrade that i could work around any clashes or problems I find. I almost gave up, but then stumbled across an amazing video using your free plugin version where the guy outlined all the stages, and gave a full and fabulously clear explanation of how to set up the TML plugin and Themed Profiles – he has 67,500 views. Here’s the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvVtqn3qgsw – you probably know about it, but if you don’t this guy is a godsend to people like me who just don’t have knowledge in membership plugins.

I will be upgrading, but please put this in the getting started video for “idiots” like me, because if you don’t have the knowledge you just sit there wondering how the hell you get the login and register buttons.

Thanks for a great plugin !

TML can hide subscribers from the dashboard..supposedly. Am I doing it correctly? I check Enable User Custom Link. Under User Custom Link tab I go to Subscribers and Delete Dashboard and Profile links. Save page settings. I did this and yet a subscriber can login, type URL/wp-admin, and still get into their dashboard. Am I missing something?

The module in TML for this is “Themed Profiles”. Enable that and then change those settings so subscribers (make sure admins and other roles that do need access to the dashboard aren’t checked) have themed profiles and aren’t allowed in the admin.

Hi @Jason! I’m trying to set up E-mail confirmation through TML + PMPro but they are not working together. I just need a chance to validate a new user upon email confirmation and I also need a custom login page. Is there a way to do that? If I set PMPro only, the login page is WP default’s page. If I set both, the user is validated immediately after registration, not passing through confirmation. What should I do to having both features? Thanks in advance.

One other thing, TML uses the file convention /logout?_wpnonce=ecd2119bc4 for logouts which plays havoc with Google URL verification since that address only appears once. I now have a number of such ‘errors’ in Google Webmasters account as a result.

Here’s the thing, what if you don’t actually want to use Theme My Login, preferring instead something that is already integrated with PMPro? I think you guys should be thinking on the lines of being independent rather than relying on other plugins to provide the much needed functionality. I really like TML but I find it occasionally clashes with other plugins I have installed.

That’s fair. Every three months or so I think about writing our own front end login code… and then I decide to focus on other things. I get frustrated by TML conflicts as well, especially the ones that happened with the last WP update since there were some quick fixes that weren’t being pushed out (I understand why he has a different release process… we probably push things out too quickly in some cases.). However, front end logins are deceptively difficult and we would probably run into the same issues that TML has on multisite setups and when sites are moved and all the little redirect conflicts. TML is a popular plugin, with more active installs than PMPro. And there are other login plugins that people like to use. Or some people like the default WP login.

So it would be really tough for us to justify the time to code a front end login that may or may not be as bug prone as TML, would have fewer features, and might cause further issues for folks wanting to use TML or other login plugins. Still, it’s tempting to have that functionality built in because it’s important and would be nice to say “it just works in PMPro”.

I’m open to pull requests and discussion, just not funding the development myself. Feel free to reach out on GitHub.

I find your reply astonishing, and quite frankly unacceptable. It’s like going to a motor dealer and being told that the car I’m buying does not come with a door lock, but I can get one and fit it myself from an after-sale vendor! The alternative would be to open the hood and lock/unlock the door from there!

The ability to login/logout and change account details (email, password, etc.) without having to wrangle with the WP admin backend is so fundamental to a membership site, that your reply puzzles me. I am using S2Member on a client site and this functionality comes as standard. I was hoping to be able to switch them over to PMP but this would just be a deal killer.

I purchased PRO membership with your software expecting the same basic functionality, and then you say ‘I’m open to pull requests and discussion, just not funding the development myself. Feel free to reach out on GitHub.”
Really??? This should be a core feature!

I appreciate your opinion and it seems like s2member would be a better fit for you.

You feel that front end logins are so important they should be part of PMPro.

We feel that front end logins are so important they should be handled by a dedicated plugin like Theme My Login.

Others might feel that front end logins are so important that they should be in core WordPress.

I think all of these opinions are valid, and answer this question of “where does the code go and who maintains it” is a really important part of open source software. It’s hard.

It’s taken me a while to chew on your reply. Front end logins are not a biggie for most WP sites. But with all due respect, and I really do respect the work you and Kim have put into this, for dedicated membership plugins they are a must, as without it they really do impact the user experience. I would like to hear Kim’s views on this from a UX perspective. I realise it is a coding challenge, but then as PMP is open source, surely the community can put this on their roadmap? Relying on third party plugins to provide such a core functionality can only spell trouble.Is it even possible to fork TML and integrate it into the core of PMP?
With respect,

I may be missing something here – I have your plugin installed to the suggested defaults. When I log in as a user to test the experience my nav menu disappears…what should I try to keep this from happening?

Are you referring to the black admin bar across the top (has a WordPress logo at the far left) or a navigation menu set up via the WordPress Admin Appearance > Menus page?

If you post to our member forum we can take a look at your specific site and get it resolved. Thank you!

When anyone logs into my PMP membership site they are redirected back to the home page. This is due to TML I’m sure. I’ve tried all the redirects and everything mentioned above. How can I get them to a custom welcome page when they log in?

Theme my login seems to be totally kaput with the latest WP. It completely locked out all my uses and the administrators. I need to find another front end to hide the admin stuff. Has anyone experience of using WP User Manager with PMP?

My website keeps directing users back to the home page after they log in. None of the redirects will work. I’ve tried everything above. Is there a priority messed up somewhere that is making this happen? Why isn’t it sending them to the default profile page? What else can I try?

The Plugin Is great. setting it up wasn’t difficult but I am having the same issue with malavika. When a subscriber is logged in, all links works good but the edit profiles and change profile links tries to redirect the subscriber to the admin section and it goes blank when they are not granted access to the admin area. It would be better if it would just redirect them to their profile update section where they can make modifications on their account.
Please, what can I do to resolve this. Please!!! thanks.

Are you using the Themed Profiles module of Theme My Login? Are new members given the subscriber role? (We give users the default role, so might be different if you’ve changed the default role.) Do you have it checked to theme profiles for subscribers?

If you are getting a white screen, there is probably a fatal error logged somewhere. Find your PHP error log and/or enable WP_DEBUG (https://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG) to see if you can get a specific error.

Sometimes login redirect issues come up or HTTPS issues. These are really sensitive to specific setups. We can help you work it out in the members forum if you post there.

Iam using Theme My login plugin now. I dont want to hide dasboard from user.So i checked default in TML redirection setting for administrator. Still redirection problem what to do? plzz help me

Yeah, it’s silly but if you check to not allow admins to view the dashboard, TML will kick you out. To fix:

1. FTP to your site/etc and change the name of the theme-my-login directory to “theme-my-login-o”. This will disable TML

2. Now log into WP dashboard and go to the plugins page. It will deactivate TML.

3. Click “delete” on the TML plugin. NOTE: This will delete the TML plugin and all of your TML settings.

4. Re install TML and set it up again and make sure to leave the administrator role unchecked for blocking dashboard access.

This happens quite a bit… I’ve done it a half dozen times. It might make sense to reach out to TML with a patch to avoid this. Hmmm.


I just installed and configured TML with PMP and it seems to be working great, except for one problem. When a user is logged in, the action links “Profile” and “Change Password” under the My Account section send the user to the WordPress admin profile area. I would prefer that they are sent to my custom ‘edit profile’ pages on the front end, which is where I’ve directed each role. All of the other links seem to be working properly on the site. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Not having any luck with Theme My Log In redirection. So frustrating that I am actually looking at other membership plug in’s. We were testing this out and know we have to go with the paid one eventually. However my biggest complaint is I do not want people to see the Profile page and have them be able to adjust their membership. Really rediculous. I am surprised that you have not come up with the redirect. Very frustrating

Your members need access to their profile in order to update their information or password if needed. As administrator, you can see the membership level dropdown, but the “subscriber” role cannot see this section. I suggest creating a non-administrator account to test your user’s experience.

If you have questions about the Theme My Login plugin and redirection, please contact that plugin’s author.

You can also set up log in redirection for all users using these methods:

I would just like to update that as of 8th May 2014 Theme My Login is not working correctly with PMP. I am personally getting a login ‘loop’ when trying to edit my test profile as a free member, there’s also a few other minor bugs causing issues. What a shame. I am not sure what other custom user profile plugins are out there to be honest, ones that make the profile options on a page rather than take the user to the WordPress dashboard.

Sorry you are having that issue. I am not getting getting this on my dev with the latest PMPro and TML although similar issues have come up before. Can you post to our members forums and I can try to help you work it out?

In case it helps, I’m seeing the correct behavior with the combination of the latest PMPro and TML plugins, and the Flatsome theme from ThemeForest. The option in TML to prevent dashboard access is working perfectly so far, and also hides the admin header bar. I’ve not fully tested all the combinations yet but it looks promising.

Hi, and thanks for providing a great free plugin for us! I wanted to say that the THEME MY LOGIN plugin is faulty and it took me two days to realize it was that plugin’s issue and not PMP’s. A valuable waste of time. I researched and found many people were experiencing the same issue of mine, which is that the login page was absent or had an error continuously. This was causing me to have to uninstall all my plugins multiple times just to gain access to my site. I solved this issue by, removing the TML plugin and installing another login plugin that was good and works great. There are quite a few available if you type login on the add new plugin tab. What I chose was the A5 custom login to customize my actual wordpress login which works great! I was so relieved to solve this that I wanted to share the info with other frustrated users that liked PMP but couldnt solve this issue. TML does not seem to be dealing with the requests people are making about this issue and now with the new WordPress update again, the plugin just does not work. Hope this helps someone struggling. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. TML is great, but there have been a lot of problems lately. Not sure if we need to add our own login page stuff or if that would just open us up to those problems. Alternatives are great though.

FWIW, I’ve also found that deleting TML through the WP interface (so all settings are cleared) and then reinstalling and activating sometimes fixes issues with TML.

Hi there, I have uploaded the theme my log in and tried several things, however when a member logs into our site in the membership area it is taking them to their user profile, which is bad…because people are complaining they can’t figure out how to get to the site (if they don’t see “view site” in the top right. Am I missing something? I even tried the redirecting plug-in documented in another post and that did nothing. Any help would be appreciated.


Theme My Login has its own “redirection module”. Click on the TML settings and enable that module, and then change the target login page based on user role. You’ll want to edit the Subscriber one usually.

That said, lots of plugins and themes may have an opinion on what to do after logging in. So if you continue to have problems, try deactivating plugins that might be affecting things to figure out where the conflict is.

Hello, I’ve had a similar issue and have remedied most of it with the TML plugin redirection configurations. However, the pmpro_actionlinks “Edit Profile” and “Change Password” on the Membership Account Page>My Account area still sends the user to the WP backend (../wp-admin/profile.php) and I really need this to redirect to my custom edit profile pages based on role. Help Please!

The membership level I create with PMP isn’t an option for Theme My Login Custom Redirection settings. Are new PMP membership levels considered Administrators, Contributors, or Subscribers from the WordPress default user roles?

I’m having problems with the upload, when I upload a .csv file it hangs up, then when I check the users, it only uploaded one record. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Do you have a sample CSV that I can see to make sure I am formatting correctly.

Try the sample CSV that the Import Users From CSV plugin provides on the upload page. And try uploading without the member fields set. Some hosts (especially shared) will have trouble with the import in general. Look for the troubleshooting tips for the Import Users From CSV plugin. The same tips apply when importing the member stuff as well.

Jason…..I’ve got no problem with helping you beef up the documentation once I get a bit more familiar with PMPro Email me if you would like the assist. It’s the least I can do for all the work you’ve put into PMPro thus far.

For reference, I’ve just installed 6.3.5 of Theme My Login and enabled themed profiles – I can no longer access the WP dashboard in wordpress 3.5.2 running genesis 1.9.2.

I can’t deactivate or remove the plugin – in fact, I can’t do any work at all on my site now!

Other threads in the support forum for that plugin cite similar issues, but the developer hasn’t posted for a few days. Votes are that the latest version is broken with WP 3.5.1. I’m not quite ready to vote the same yet, but if I don’t find a solution to being unable to access my dashboard too I’ll have to vote the same.

I’d advise proceeding with caution!

Paul, did you get this worked out ever?

Upgrading usually goes smoothly, there’s always a chance of a problem. Sometimes if some PMPro Addon Ons or other customizations are enabled that rely on PMPro functions they will break when PMPro gets deactivated during the upgrade. Deactivating your Addons first will help with this (we hope to automate this a bit in the future).

Also, if a plugin you have activated ever breaks your system, you can delete the plugin folder or simply rename it through FTP and WordPress will not be able to load it.

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