We’ve revamped our previous import process and wanted to provide a new tutorial for how to import users from a CSV which includes their membership information. If you’re migrating from another membership solution or taking a formerly offline process online, follow the steps below for a bulletproof import.

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Our Import Users From CSV Integration Add On documentation page includes a comprehensive tutorial for importing users. Please review the docs if you are having any issues before posting comments to this article.

How to Import Users to Your Membership Site

  1. Install and activate Import Users from CSV.
  2. Install and activate the Import Users from CSV Integration Add On.
  3. Set up your CSV for import. Download a sample CSV import template which includes the standard user import fields along with additional fields for the membership information.
  4. Once your CSV is ready for import, go to Users > Import From CSV and follow the instructions on screen. Refer to the Import Users from CSV FAQ for more details on using their plugin.