Note: The features of this Add On have been added to the core plugin.

This new plugin adds a new report to your Memberships > Reports screen. The report displays login, view, and visit stats for “This Week” and “This Year”.


Visits, Views, Logins Report: Before


Visits, Views, Logins Report: After

We use the “Better Logins Report Add On”, but I’m missing a total sum in the “Visits, Views, and Logins Report”. If I filter for membership groups I got a long list with single values, but no total.
How could this be done? This would be a great feature.

Thanks in advance

I just installed this, but the numbers are off. For instance:
Visits Today: 4
Visits This Week: 0 (wrong)
Visits This Month: 173
Visits YTD: 0 (wrong)
The same problems occur in Views and Logins.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look. FYI the weekly and YTD numbers weren’t being tracked before. So they will only track from this point on. IE if someone visited 4 times before you activated the plugin, it wouldn’t know about those for this week. So it might just iron itself out over time… or maybe there is a bug. Let me know if the numbers still seem off.

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