v.7 includes support for Custom Post Types, Orders updates (exporting!) and new defaults related to level selection.

CPT Support

There are two methods to sell access to a single CPT post when using this add on.

  1. Use Addon Packages in combination with the Custom Post Type Add On (automatically adds the price settings box to all detected CPTs) or,
  2. Use the filter pmproap_supported_post_types to add your own CPTs as Addon Packages

Addon Package Order Records

The orders for Addon Packages are now included in the Orders CSV export under Memberships > Orders > Export to CSV.

How to Update

PMPro Plus members can update directly via the Memberships > Add Ons page in your WordPress admin. Or, download the plugin .zip file here.

Full list of updates below:

  • ENHANCEMENT/NOTE: No longer defaulting to a paid level if the user does not have a level. Instead users are directed to the levels page to choose a level.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added addon package to Orders CSV export.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added support for custom post types using the PMPro CPT plugin. (Thanks, dwilmer on GitHub)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added pmproap_supported_post_types filter to add your own post types to be included as potential addon packages.
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I want to know if this is what I need. I want to use PMP a year from now to sell memberships in combination with courses from WP-Courses. I see tuts for this so all good. BUT for now I want only to sell 3 digital downloads to anyone who wants them. 3 stand-alone products that will eventually roll into a membership but not yet. I am okay if a buyer become a free member as well as getting onto my Covertkit mailing list but I don’t want them to know they are a member as it will confuse them. I am just selling books at this point. I dont want to set up an entirely different system now as I know I will be using PMP in a year to sell memberships. Point me to the best solution?

Hi Kate,

So this Add On packages does sound like it will work for you but this plugin will only be available for members, meaning that a user will need to signup in order to purchase the access to this page. You could use our signup shortcode add-on to make signups for free members quick, easy and uncomplicated.

Hi my friends!
First of all, congratulations and thank you very much for all your work and help!

I have a situation that i´m not finding the way to solve…

I have created a blog with VIP and public access. I have done 2 levels (1 month payment and 3 months payment, but both levels have access to the same content). Until here, everything is fine!

Now, I´ve created a course (it is one page with all the video and content). I want to sell this course for XX and give one month free access (it is to assign the user the first level already created).

Trying to solve this, I´ve installed the “Addon Packages plugin”, but on the “click here to checkout” button, does not do anything…

I dont know if I´m doing something wrong or what is happening…

Thank you very much!

We can help you further in the forums, but for that purchase addon button to work you need to check a membership level as required for the page/post as well. If you don’t want to require users to have one of the other levels to purchase, then you can create a free level that has access to nothing else, but require that for the addon package page.

This looks really good Kimberly. Can I ask how I’d assign a membership addon package to a user who’s already registered? I.e. editing their user profile and the field Give this User a Package

When you edit a user in the WP dashboard, there should be a section for Addon Packages. You can add/remove packages here. You’ll need to know the post ID of the page, which you can figure out from the URL when you edit the post.

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