v.7 includes support for Custom Post Types, Orders updates (exporting!) and new defaults related to level selection.

CPT Support

There are two methods to sell access to a single CPT post when using this add on.

  1. Use Addon Packages in combination with the Custom Post Type Add On (automatically adds the price settings box to all detected CPTs) or,
  2. Use the filter pmproap_supported_post_types to add your own CPTs as Addon Packages

Addon Package Order Records

The orders for Addon Packages are now included in the Orders CSV export under Memberships > Orders > Export to CSV.

How to Update

PMPro Plus members can update directly via the Memberships > Add Ons page in your WordPress admin. Or, download the plugin .zip file here.

Full list of updates below:

  • ENHANCEMENT/NOTE: No longer defaulting to a paid level if the user does not have a level. Instead users are directed to the levels page to choose a level.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added addon package to Orders CSV export.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added support for custom post types using the PMPro CPT plugin. (Thanks, dwilmer on GitHub)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added pmproap_supported_post_types filter to add your own post types to be included as potential addon packages.
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