The Addon Packages Plugin allows you to sell access to individual pages or posts, or sell a la carte items (such as courses) for a flat fee.

You can download it via the add on documentation page or PMPro Plus members can install it directly in the WordPress admin via the Memberships > Add Ons page.

Once activated, a new meta box labeled “PMPro Addon Package Settings” will be shown under your post content when editing a page or post. (If you don’t see this, make sure that “PMPro Addon Package Settings” checked in the Screen Options at the top of the screen.)

PMPro Add On Package Setup

To charge for access to a page:

  1. Set a price in the PMPro Addon Package Settings.
  2. Check at least one membership level under “Require Membership” in the sidebar.
  3. Click Update/Publish to save.

Some important notes:

  • If you don’t have any membership levels or want users to only pay the page price to view something, create a free membership level and select it.
  • If users from multiple membership levels (including non/free levels) can access a page, make sure you check all of the membership levels.

The plugin will update the text and links generated for non-members viewing a page with a price on it. If you wish to override this language, you can edit it or replace it using the pmpro_non_member_text_filter, pmpro_not_logged_in_text_filter, and pmpro_rss_text_filter filters.

The way this plugin works is that you actually checkout for your current membership level again (or a new membership level if the user doesn’t have one yet) and the page price is added to your bill. The plugin makes sure you don’t pay the base membership level price twice and also makes sure your membership payment and expiration dates stay the same.

If you would like to link directly to the checkout page for a page, the URL structure is /membership-account/membership-checkout/?level={level_id}&ap={post_id} (Replace the parts in curly braces and make sure the page URL in front is correct for your checkout page.)

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