Version 1.8.4 adds the ability to drag and drop membership levels to update the display order when using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode.

How can I reorder my membership levels?

If you’re using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode, you can update the display from the Memberships > Membership Levels admin page.

  1. Hold down your mouse on the level you want to move.
  2. Drag the level to the desired placement in the list.
  3. That’s it – this will automatically update the levels order.
  4. Navigate to the page assigned as the “Membership Levels” page to see the updated output.



Want finer control over the levels page display?

Check out this post about the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode add on.

Drag and drop resorting worked for me, however, now my levels page is blank. Was working fine before the resort, now no levels at all appear on that page. HELP!

Oh wait, I see now. Yeah, after refreshing the backend membership levels page, the sort order reverted back to where it was before, and likewise, the levels are once again displaying on the front end.

This drag and drop doesn’t stick on mine. It moves to the correct place, but it doesn’t stay that way when I navigate to another page and back.

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