Adjust and return capabilities for Paid Memberships Pro based on the user’s specific role.

apply_filters( 'pmpro_assigned_{$role}_capabilities', $cap_array );

There are several built-in forms of this hook (more if you have other plugins or custom code that create additional user roles in your WordPress site). Default hook variations include:

  • pmpro_assigned_administrator_capabilities
  • pmpro_assigned_editor_capabilities
  • pmpro_assigned_author_capabilities
  • pmpro_assigned_contributor_capabilities
  • pmpro_assigned_subscriber_capabilities


array; The array of capabilities for the role named in the filter

Available capability values for Paid Memberships Pro include:

  • pmpro_memberships_menu
  • pmpro_dashboard
  • pmpro_membershiplevels
  • pmpro_edit_memberships
  • pmpro_pagesettings
  • pmpro_paymentsettings
  • pmpro_emailsettings
  • pmpro_emailtemplates
  • pmpro_advancedsettings
  • pmpro_addons
  • pmpro_memberslist
  • pmpro_memberslistcsv
  • pmpro_reports
  • pmpro_orders
  • pmpro_orderscsv
  • pmpro_discountcodes
  • pmpro_userfields
  • pmpro_updates

Return Value

@cap_array based on $role



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