Filter the new level for the user as passed in to the pmpro_changeMembershipLevel function before it is added to the member.

apply_filters( 'pmpro_change_level', $level, $user_id, $old_level_status, $cancel_level );

Note: This is a filter to adjust the level ID or level array when a user is changing levels. If you would like to perform an action whenever a user’s level has changed, use the pmpro_after_change_membership_level action hook instead.


int ID of level to set as new level. 0 if the user’s membership is being cancelled.
int ID of the user to change levels for
string The status to set for the row in the memberships users table. (e.g. inactive, cancelled, admin_cancelled, expired) Defaults to ‘inactive’.
int If set, cancel just this one level instead of all active levels (to support Multiple Memberships per User)



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About Actions and Filters in PMPro

Hooks allow you to extend Paid Memberships Pro without editing any core plugin files. You can use a hook to program custom code that interacts with or modifies code in our plugin, Add Ons, your theme, and even WordPress itself.

There are two kinds of hooks: actions and filters.

  • Action hooks allow you to run new custom code at pre-defined locations.
  • Filter hooks allow you change or extend existing code by modifying the data and returning it back to the software.

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