Inspired by sites like The New York Times, which limits visitors to 5-10 monthly article views before redirecting to a paywall. The plugin sets a cookie for each visitor to track their views per month. You can set the number of visits and once that limit is reached, the visitor is directed to your Membership Levels page and must sign up to view additional posts.

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Great for SEO

This add on is also a great workaround to allow search engines “in” to index your content.

If you set post views to 1, search bots can access posts and index them. We’re working on other unique code to allow search bots to scan your full site for SEO, but until that time this is the interim solution.

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This plugin doesn’t work well when users are added manually from backend. The rule just doesn’t apply to user when added manually.

Hi there,

It was not specifically designed for CPT’s but it is likely that it can be extended upon with some custom code to do so. Try checking in with our support team over on our member support forums to see if this is possible if not, they will point you to a developer who can help you with this.

Is it possible to have a pop-up a la NYTimes that says something to the effect of “You have read 3 of your 5 free articles this month”?

We haven’t done that yet, but that could be custom coded by a good WP developer. If you need some direction on this, feel free to post to the member forums, but you’ll need a developer to actually code up the layover/popup.

Thanks. It’s something we’d be interested in, but right now it’s not a high enough priority to embark on custom coding something. Hopefully it will become an offered option in the future!


Suppose we set the limit to 5.

Will Google be able to index all posts, let’s say 10, published during the day?

This will be my deciding factor, whether to purchase the full suite of PMPro is stay with the free version.

So really looking forward to hearing from the dev team on this.

Thanks & Regards,


The Googlebot generally doesn’t maintain sessions/cookies between crawls. (Although this may have changed recently and I’m looking into it now, based on your comment.) And so Google will always load the visible version of your page. And then when it loads a new page, it’s as if it opened a new incognito browser with clear cookies and so won’t ever hit the post limit. That’s the idea.

If it seems that this might be a problem… say if the Google bot or other crawlers you care about are hitting the view limit and not indexing the full content, then you can check $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] for specific IPs and give those IP addresses full access.

Let me just check – this plugin allows to view non-registered users or free membership registered? If first option, could you be so kind to advise how to set up that the user of free package has this option (we would like to get their data before they use such chance). Only after here exceed 3 pages he/she will forward to paywall page. May thx for your advise in advance.

The new version has a settings page where you can set the limit count per membership level. So you can give the free level 3 views and no level 0 views. If you need more help, we can help in the member forums.

When a non-registered user reaches her limit of Post views, we don’t want to redirect her to one designated URL. Instead, we want to allow her access to the Post page but hide the body copy and show a membership road block message, or activate an overlay lightbox ad, as the does. Is this possible?

Same with rugzat, its not work. Tried on local server, default theme with pmpro and this add on active, either javascript set to false or true.

The plugin by default applies to all membership levels for all protected content. So make sure you have a level defined and have posts/pages locked down by category or via the “Require Membership” widget. If that doesn’t help, please open a thread in our member forums so we can take a closer look. Thanks.

We don’t have a script like that. Would be an interesting project and something we could do as part of a “do it for me”. The base for this would be very similar to this plugin. You would have to use JavaScript and update the “views” after 1 minute, etc.

I just pushed out a version .2 of this plugin. So the first thing you can try is deleting your version of the plugin and installing the new one from the GitHub repo.

Also, note the addon limits views of “single post” pages on your site. It’s possible that theme you are using might not be working with this or there is some other complication (caching/etc). Give the new “Use JavaScript” option a try by setting the constant on this line ( to TRUE.

I hope this helps. If not, please sign up for paid support to get more help.

I ended up not using PaidMembershipPro for WooCommers (with Groups and other extensions), but this addon looks pretty interesting.

Yeah, the idea is to be pesky enough to convince people who are on the fence to switch over. Sure you can get around it, but you are constantly reminded that you should be paying for the content which can lead to more conversions.

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