Expand the functionality of the Limit Post Views Add On to offer viewing limits on Custom Post Types and pages, too. This is a great way to offer non-members and free members a sample of your members-only content and improve the conversion rate for a “premium content” type membership site.

About the Limit Post Views Add On

Our Limit Post Views Add On tracks visitor post views on member-restricted content via a cookie. The plugin’s settings allow you to specify a number of views per “term” for non-members as well as by membership level. It will allow visitors or members limited access to view posts they do not already have access to view. Once the user’s view limit is reached, they are redirected to the assigned page—most often your site’s Membership Levels page.

Give limited access to restricted posts

The code recipe below will enable these features to not only work on Posts, but Pages, too. Plus, you can keep adding $post_types to this code recipe to apply the rules for other Custom Post Types.

Once the code is added to your site, a user will be redirected to a page of your choice after reaching their view limit (regardless of whether the user viewed a members-only post, page, or other CPT).

The plugin’s use of cookies means that (just like the New York Times sites) it is incredibly easy to circumvent this protection by using a different computer, browsers, or incognito mode, etc. The idea is not to completely block users from your site, but to gently nudge returning readers to sign up for an account.

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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More about Limit Post Views

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