The Approvals Add On allows you to set up a unique approval or application process for your membership site. After a member signs up, the admin will have the ability to approve their membership or deny the application.

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The diagram below explains how approval fits into the standard membership checkout process.

How it Works

Using the add on, you can set your membership levels to require approval with a few options. Not only can you set a level to require approval, you can also set a level to require an approved membership from another level in order to complete checkout.

This allows you to offer a two-step membership application and full membership registration model. You can place an application fee on the application level, and then charge your full recurring membership fee on the primary membership for approved members. Extend your site further by using fields add via the Register Helper Add On to gather member information that will help you decide whether to approve or deny the membership.

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Yes love this feature! I’ve been doing it in an ad hoc way. But bulk approval or membership change would be nice. Sometimes we get 100 members a day.

Hi there,

I see that there has already been some back and forth regarding this topic on the opened thread and that one of our Support Engineers are helping you with this.

Just bought the paid version. I used the approval addon but no luck.
Will it not work if using the buddypress registration form?

look forward to hearing from you.

Hi @GundogNI,

I see that you have opened up a support topic on our Member Support Forums. This is what I was going to recommend for you to do. I have forwarded this on to our Support Engineers to have a look at. They will follow up with you on the thread.

Hope this helps!


We have this installed and recently registered a user with a particular level on our account that requires “Admin approval”. In the meantime, this user should not be able to access areas of the website (at least not logically by its concept). A user who is pending approval should have restrictions on their accounts.

That said, this particular level is allowed BuddyPress access. However we want this to be restricted until the account has been approved by the admin. Is this not possible with this addon? If so, than how do we achieve this?

Hi @OWMLabs,

If I am not mistaken, I believe I saw a thread on our Member Support Forums that was opened by you on this topic. We will follow up with you on the forum topic.


Before we upgrade to the plus account, I was hoping you could help me understand whether the Approvals add-on will help us accomplish the desired functionality.

We would like to be able to have the user experience be:
1) user creates account and completes application
2) user inputs billing info
3) user waits to be approved… admin approves
4) user is charged the application fee at time of approval (but without further action on users part, as they already entered their card during signup/application and agreed to the charge if they are accepted).

In other words, can we collect CC info at sign up, but charge card at time of approval? I thiink this is possible, but the documentation doesn’t show all of the settings.

#4 is not part of the add on. If you used a gateway like Stripe, you could charge an application fee to get the user’s CC info. Then you could manually charge them in Stripe with the saved card there.

You can find the plugin for free on GitHub to download and try out.

I’m having issues with approval process. I have members who have joined and are showing under pending however with “approved” on approval status. I have tried to reset the status, but it won’t reset.

How do I rectify this? I have not approved the members yet, and they are not appearing under the approved tab, but are on the pending with approved status.

Does the approval plugin conflict when also using the pay by check plugin?

Eg. when it changes the pending status after approval

They should work together. The Approvals plugin stores approval status in user meta. The pay by check plugin manages and updates the status of the order.

A user would only gain access after both the order status and approval status were set to success.

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