We have just pushed out v2.1 of the MailChimp Integration Add On. This update fixes a lot of bugs, but one of those in particular would have stopped users from being subscribed to MailChimp lists after checkout or registration.

Please upgrade by visiting the Dashboard -> Updates area of your WordPress site or downloading the latest ZIP file directly here.

Reconciling Missing Subscribers

If you suspect that you’ve missed some list signups due to this bug, you can use the export CSV feature of the plugin to generate files to import your members into MailChimp.

When you import the CSVs, it will not duplicate users already on your lists and will not subscribe anyone who has since unsubscribed through MailChimp.
We have a guide for exporting subscriber lists by membership level and importing them into MailChimp.

View the Export/Import Guide for MailChimp

Support for Localication and Multiple Memberships Per User

In addition to fixing this subscription bug and a few others, we’ve added localization support to the plugin. This means that the community can now contribute a MailChimp Integration translation via the GlotPress.

We’ve also updated the add on to ensure compatibility with the PMPro Multiple Memberships Per User Add On, which we’ll be sharing more info about soon.

The full list of updates is below.

  • BUG: Fixed a variety of bugs related to the MailChimp API, including a bug introduced in v2.0.3 that sometimes kept the plugin from subscribing users to lists.
  • BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Doing a better job of limiting the number of API requests made to avoid API limits.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Supports the pmpro-multiple-memberships-per-user Add On.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added localization support. (Now should be able to create language files via GlotPress)

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For some reason one of my client’s mailchimp list is not being imported to select as an option to add new subscribers to….what could be the cause?…already installed and uninstalled the plugin, created new API keys and no luck

Hey there, great stuff. Do you have any roadmap for integrating group/interest management into PMPro from Mailchimp. It would be great to be able to select adding members to a single list, and then segmenting them by group, selectable in PMPro. I’ve actually already begun coding the customisation into the plugin and would be happy to share, but curious if you’d planned on adding this feature. I think it would be a very valuable addition. Cheers for the great work.

Hi there. One of our developers has also forked the plugin and done some work with interest groups. I’m interested in adding that support. If you can merge it into our plugin on GitHub (we’ve updated it a lot recently, so you may need to refactor anything you’ve done) I would greatly appreciate it. If you’d like to talk more about how to go about it (considering my own thoughts, how Thomas has done it in his fork, and how you went about it) to get on the same page, open an issue and ping me here or on Twitter/etc and I’ll take a look.


Hi @rbickett,

Yeas, these are the official release notes for the update. If you are looking to export a CSV of your members list then navigate to your WP Dashboard > Memberships > Members > Export to CSV.

This should generate a CSV for you. You can then upload this list to your MailChimp account.

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