s2member to PMPro migration guide PDF coverWe get a lot of requests for the steps to convert to Paid Memberships Pro from other plugins. I just drafted a PDF outlining the steps for a conversion from s2Member® to Paid Memberships Pro. The guide is available as a PDF to PMPro Members and higher.

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The steps for this conversion will require a strong knowledge of MySQL databases, PHP, WordPress, FTP, etc. If you’d like information on pricing for this conversion, please contact us or reach out to your favorite developer. We’ll happily provide them with support along the way as they do your conversion project.

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This guide only list instructions for migrating from S2 when using PayPal without any mention of Stripe:

What should be in the these columns?
●user_email:​ The email address of the user.
●membership_id:​ The PMPro membership level ID for their corresponding s2Member® level/role.
●membership_enddate:​ For recurring members, should be blank. For one time payments withexpirations set to the “EOT” date from s2 in YYYY-MM-DD format.
●membership_gateway:​ paypalstandard, paypalexpress, or paypal depending on which flavor ofPayPal you used with s2. “paypal” is the old “PayPal Website Payments Pro” or “Legacy PayPalPayments Pro” version
●membership_susbcription_transaction_id:​ The PayPal subscription transaction id.

Can you confirm if the title of the CSV column for those using Stripe should read the same as PayPal: membership_susbcription_transaction_id ?

…and if so, should the values be the S2members_subscr_id such as “sub_XYZw######” or should it be the S2member_subscr_cid such as “cus_ABCdefgh####”?

To clarify, I was only asking what should be in the last two columns:
I assume “Stripe” for the “membership_gateway:” and need clarification on the last column. Thanks.

Hi Kim, loved using PmPro for several of my other clients’ sites. Currently have a client who uses s2member for recurring subscriptions. If I migrate his site to PmPro, will the subscriptions through PayPal continue to work and, if the subscription period ends, automatically cancelled? Or will we have to manually manage subscription expiration when the subscriber cancels in PayPal?

You need to buy a Pro Membership to figure out if you can convert from S2Member? Maybe an overview PDF of the process for free would make sense for potential customers (like me)?

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