Overrides how the cost is shown on the checkout page. The hook passes the text generated by the pmpro_getLevelCost($level) function and also a level object which is prepopulated with levels pricing and expiration settings already adjusted for any discount codes that may be in effect.

add_filter( ‘pmpro_level_cost_text’, string $r, object $level, bool $tags, bool $short

Be cautious not to abuse the filter by showing a different price than what will be charged. Note that if you change your level pricing you may also need to update your filter.


string; the return value
bool; strip tags from the return value
bool; display a shortened level cost phrase


File: https://github.com/strangerstudios/paid-memberships-pro/blob/master/includes/functions.php

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About Actions and Filters in PMPro

Hooks allow you to extend Paid Memberships Pro without editing any core plugin files. You can use a hook to program custom code that interacts with or modifies code in our plugin, Add Ons, your theme, and even WordPress itself.

There are two kinds of hooks: actions and filters.

  • Action hooks allow you to run new custom code at pre-defined locations.
  • Filter hooks allow you to change or extend existing code by modifying the data and returning it back to the software.

Click here to browse the full database of action and filter hooks available in Paid Memberships Pro. For help extending our Add Ons, refer to the individual Add On's documentation page for a list of available hooks.

For more developer-focused information about Paid Memberships Pro, check out the advanced developer topics documentation.

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