PMPro Advanced Levels Shortcode adds a new shortcode with many attributes to customize the levels page, including integrated styles for widely used theme frameworks/parent themes. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your membership levels page, check out this new plugin!

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The New Shortcode & Available Attributes

[pmpro_advanced_levels levels="1,3,2" template="genesis" layout="3col" description="true" checkout_button="Sign Me Up!" price="full"]

This shortcode displays the Membership Levels just like the pmpro_levels shortcode, with extended options for customizing the display.

Attributes include:

  • checkout_button: The button text for the action button (default: Select).
  • description: Show the level description; accepts “true” or “false” (default: true).
  • discount_code: Optionally apply a discount code to your membership level pricing. accepts the discount code (default: none).
  • expiration: Show the level expiration; accepts “true” or “false” (default: true).
  • levels: A comma-separated list of membership level IDs to display, in the order you want to display them; can be a single level ID (default: all levels ordered by ascending ID).
  • layout: How to display the levels; accepts “div”, “table”, “2col”, “3col” or “4col” (default: div).
  • price: How to display the level cost text. accepts “full”, “short” or “hide” (default: short).
  • template: Specify an integrated theme framework to inherit formatting. accepts “genesis”, “woo themes”, “gantry”, “pagelines” or “foundation” (default: none).

Integrated Theme Frameworks/Parent Themes

Below is a list of templates included in v1.0 of PMPro Advanced Levels Shortcode. Assign the appropriate “template” attribute for your theme/theme framework.

Genesis by Studiopress

  • Buttons will be formatted like the default “button” class
  • Each level in block layout will have spacing just like the “entry” class
  • Two, Three and Four-Column layouts use the Genesis responsive grid
  • The table layout inherits base table formatting in Genesis or your Genesis child theme

See Demo


  • Buttons will be formatted like the default “woo-sc-button” class
  • Two, Three and Four-Column layouts use the WooThemes responsive grid
  • The table layout inherits base table formatting in your WooThemes Theme

See Demo


Gantry is built on top of Bootstrap v2.3.2. If your theme also uses this version of Bootstrap, try specifying the Gantry template and see if it works.

  • Buttons will be formatted like the “primary” button in Bootstrap v2.3.2 (class=”btn btn_primary”)
  • Each level in the default or Two-Column layout will be wrapped in the “well” class
  • Two, Three and Four-Column layouts use the Bootstrap v2.3.2 fluid responsive grid
  • The table layout inherits table, striped, bordered formatting from Bootstrap v2.3.2 (class=”table table-striped table-bordered”)
  • Price is displayed like the “lead” class in Bootstrap v2.3.2

See Demo

Foundation 5 by Zurb

The demo is built using FoundationPress starter theme, which uses Foundation 5 by Zurb. If you’re using another theme built on Foundation 5 this template should also work.

  • Buttons will be formatted like the basic, default button in Foundation 5 (class=”button”)
  • Each level in the default or Two-Column layout will be wrapped in the “panel” class
  • Three and Four-Column layouts use the Pricing Table layout in Foundation 5
  • Two, Three and Four-Column layouts use Foundation 5’s Equalizer JavaScript to create equal height columns.
  • The table layout inherits the default table layout from Foundation 5
  • Price in the default or Two-Column layout is displayed using the h5 subheader class

See Demo

Note: I don’t own every child theme published by these third-parties and as have can only tested on the sample child themes, or base frameworks. If you experience problems working with this plugin and your theme, please post to the support forums.

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Hi. I’m using the compare_table option and for some reason, the columns are evenly distributed for the paid membership levels but much smaller for the Free Plan. Any way to make sure all the columns are equally distributed?

I have just one level mebership which says level “your level” on the memberships levels page. Can I change the word “your level” to subscribe or sign up? How?

Hi there! Can someone just give me precise instructions in how to add the shortcode in order to update the look of the Members Levels. I’m a non-programmer and have no idea where to add this. I am Tech savvy but require assistance with this specifically. Any assistance will be appreciated!!

I just updated the Advanced Levels Shortcode Add on to support Bootstrap v3+ themes – like yours. Update the add on and then switch to template=”bootstrap”. This should not work for the layout=”3col” attribute.

Hi Jason, I used the shortcode and it works for the most part. I am using the template=”gantry”, no other template works. Everything works great except that the layout=”3col” does not display the levels in 3 columns, but 1 single column. Any ideas? I’m using wpbeaverbuilder plugin with the beaver builder theme. Thank you!

This is the short code I am using:

[pmpro_advanced_levels levels="1,2,3" template="gantry" layout="table" description="true" expiration="false" checkout_button="Sign Me Up!" price="full"]

and the page link:

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