Seamlessly convert your s2Member site to Paid Memberships Pro – without affecting current members or subscriptions.

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If you follow all of the advice and instructions in this document, your final site will include the following:

  • Paid Memberships Pro powering your WordPress site’s membership.
  • A clean uninstall of s2Member (no lingering data in your database or settings).
  • Seamless ongoing payments from past customers (if recurring), and new member payments powered by Paid Memberships Pro.

Topics Covered in the Guide

  1. Introduction
    • What kind of site are we talking about?
    • What will I need and what will it cost?

  2. Install Paid Memberships Pro

  1. Step 1: Installing Paid Memberships Pro
    • Option 1: Through the WordPress dashboard
    • Option 2: Download a Paid Memberships Pro Package
  2. Step 2. Add a New Membership Level
    • Screenshot: Memberships > Membership Levels > Add New
  3. Step 3. Setting up PMPro Pages
    • Screenshot: Memberships > Page Settings
  4. Step 4. Payment Gateway & SSL Settings
    • Screenshot: Memberships > Payment Settings
  5. Step 5. Email Settings
    • Screenshot: Memberships > Email Settings
  6. Step 6. Advanced Settings
    • Screenshot: Memberships > Advanced Settings
  7. Step 7. You’re Done – Now go test it!

  • Export Your Members List From s2Member

  • Install Import Users From CSV Plugin

  • Install PMPro Import Users From CSV Plugin

  • Backup Your Database

  • You’re Ready to Import

    • Screenshot: Users > Import From CSV
    • A note about importing large member lists…

  • Redirect s2Member IPN Traffic

  • Uninstall s2Member

    • Remove s2Member Roles
    • Deactivate and Delete s2Member

  • Set Up Content Restrictions the Paid Memberships Pro Way

    • For Pages
    • For Posts
    • With Shortcodes
    • Advanced Users
Download the Migration Guide