We’ve just launched our BuddyPress Integration in the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can now restrict access to specific features of your BuddyPress community by membership level, allowing you to build a custom, private, and flexible members-only community.

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BuddyPress Integration for Paid Memberships Pro WordPress PluginBuilding a Membership Community with your WordPress Site

BuddyPress adds community features to WordPress, including Member Profiles, Activity Streams, Direct Messaging, Notifications, and more. What many of you have already implemented via custom coding is now possible with one easy-to-use plugin.

With the help of this integration plugin, membership sites running Paid Memberships Pro can now take advantage of the following features:

  • Redirect users without access to a specific page which can be used to explain the community features and sell community membership.
  • Level-specific settings to restrict access to BuddyPress features including Group Creation, Single Group Viewing, Groups Page Viewing, Joining Groups, Public Messaging, Private Messaging, Send Friend Requests, Listing in the Directory.
  • Assign members to groups in BuddyPress.
  • Restricted access settings for users without a membership level.
  • Option to use the BuddyPress Registration process.
  • Assign “member types” by Membership Level.
  • Display a Member’s Level Name on their BuddyPress Profile.

Migrations Steps for Sites Using a Custom-Coded Solution

Prior to this Add On’s release, we did offer a custom-code solution to restrict BuddyPress access to Members. If you are using a custom solution loaded via a Plugin for PMPro Customizations, below are the steps to migrate to the new Add On-based solution.

  1. Locate the custom code in your Customizations Plugin.
  2. Uncomment or Remove the custom code. We recommend saving a copy of the code as a backup.
  3. Install and activate the BuddyPress Add On for Paid Memberships Pro.
  4. Configure the Add On settings per your unique restriction goals. Read the documentation page for help on setting up the Add On.


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Comments (8)

My scenario
1. 2 members A & B have been messaging each other
2. A has his membership cancelled.
3. B is still able to message A by replying to an older message.
4. B is still able to see A’s profile.

How can I prevent a member from messaging or seeing a non member’s profile?


We need PaidMembership Pro contact info fields to sync with BuddyPress’.

Is there any way we can do that so that members on the site would only need to update their contact info once?

I am using Paid Memberships Pro with the Kleo theme. The Kleo theme has Membership Settings similar to these built into their Theme Options panel.

Since updating to the latest version of PMP and Kleo, my BuddyPress Member Directory is showing all “users” instead of just “members” (7000 users vs. 3500 members).

It seems that no combination of settings with or without this plugin is correcting the member directory to only show active members. Can you make any recommendations as to what approach I should be taking? How can I investigate which settings are driving this behavior?


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