If you’re new to Paid Memberships Pro, you may be wondering what settings are available to restrict access to members-only content on your site. This video extends our documentation on Controlling Members-Only Content and provides a quick tutorial to familiarize yourself with a few methods to lock down your posts, pages, and categories.

Control your content.

Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add Membership functionality to your website. One primary application of our plugin is to allow users to signup for a membership level in order to gain access to specific, restricted members-only content.

Once you’ve completed the initial installation and setup, you can begin to restrict your site’s pages, posts and other content. In the video below, I will walk you through the three most common methods of turning your website into a membership site by restricting pages, posts, and hiding specific sections of content using the [membership] shortcode.

Video Walkthrough


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I have added a static message on one of the pages that say this is a restricted content and then I add a button to add a membership
after the user pays for the membership they will revisit the page and access the restricted content. but still, the static message I added showing and also the button can those be hidden after the user pay for his membership

how can i restrict membership to a particular payment level and section within my site, so a user who only pays for a particular bundle under a certain section won’t have access to other content in the same section and also in other sections?

Hi Toyin,

If you set up a membership level and a user signs up to that level. They will only have access to the content that is assigned to that level. So if they sign up to be a level 1 member, and you set a group of pages and posts to have access to this level. That user will be able to view all this content.

You mentioned group content as well as sections. If you want to restrict different sections of the same page, you could wrap these specific sections in our [membership] shortcode.

Finally, if you want to allow members to purchase access to a certain page and not have access to other pages or sections of your site, you could use our AddOn Packages Add On to do this. Hope this helps!

Hello there,

So in the video, after you pressed require membership and then updated the page then went to the page, it said that this content is now for free members only, and you had to register to see the page.

My question is, how do you edit that page. The page where it tells you that you need to be a member.

Hi @JackNagle94,

If you navigate to the Advanced Settings section (WP Dashboard > Memberships > Settings > Advanced) you should be able to edit the restriction message there.

Hope this helps!

Hello please all my pages and post are showing : Premium ContentLogin to buy access to this content. For non logged members, Please how can I change it. I want non logged out member and members to view pages.

Can we restrict ESS grid using this plugin currently I am trying to achieve it but it’s not working.

Chiming in here since I have the same issue. It is indeed a page used for BuddyPress, but despite setting the add on to restrict all of BuddyPress to logged out users and/or specifically making the page restricted it still shows up for non users. Same is true for most of the BuddyPress generated pages.

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