If you’re new to Paid Memberships Pro, you may be wondering what settings are available to restrict access to members-only content on your site. This video extends our documentation on Controlling Members-Only Content and provides a quick tutorial to familiarize yourself with a few methods to lock down your posts, pages, and categories.

Control your content.

Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add Membership functionality to your website. One primary application of our plugin is to allow users to signup for a membership level in order to gain access to specific, restricted members-only content.

Once you’ve completed the initial installation and setup, you can begin to restrict your site’s pages, posts and other content. In the video below, I will walk you through the three most common methods of turning your website into a membership site by restricting pages, posts, and hiding specific sections of content using the [membership] shortcode.

Video Walkthrough


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Can we restrict ESS grid using this plugin currently I am trying to achieve it but it’s not working.

Hello please all my pages and post are showing : Premium ContentLogin to buy access to this content. For non logged members, Please how can I change it. I want non logged out member and members to view pages.

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