Below is a recap of Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons updated recently.

How to Update PMPro Add Ons

Navigate to Dashboard > Updates in the WordPress admin to update Add Ons in your membership site. A valid license is required to update some of our premium Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates and always update one plugin at a time so that you can isolate upgrade issues.

Development Changelog for Add On Updates and Release Notes

Address for Free Levels Add On

  • BUG: Forcing billing address fields to be included for PayPal Express, PayPal Standard, and Twocheckout. Since PMPro v1.8 these fields are not rendered for these gateways. (Thanks, many folks.)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Hiding the billing fields on the review page if using PayPal Express, PayPal Standard, or Twocheckout.

bbPress Add On

  • Removed TGM and using different methods to make sure PMPro and bbPress are activated.
  • Changed forum check to use template_redirect instead of wp hook.

Better Login, View, Visits Report Add On

  • ENHANCEMENT: Reformatted the report appearance to match PMPro

Email Confirmation Add On

  • Added pmproec_after_validate_user hook to execute custom code after validation.
  • Fixed typo in text added to email. (Thanks, Jiks)
  • BUG: Fixed login URL destination when users are logged out

Email Templates Admin Editor Add On

Note: This Add On is now merged into core PMPro. See documentation on customizing email templates in Paid Memberships Pro.

  • BUG: Fixed bug when choosing header or footer from the email templates dashboard page.
  • FEATURE: Added new pmproet_templates filter, which can be used to modify the default template settings and add new custom templates.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now checking for custom templates in stylesheet and template directory before loading PMPro defaults.
  • BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Changed plugin text domain to “pmproet” instead of “pmpro” to support custom translations.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Security hardening – verifying nonces on all AJAX requests.

Group Discount Codes Add On

  • BUG: Now correctly tracking group discount code uses.

Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On

  • ENHANCEMENT: Added sorting by first_name and last_name.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now checking for user field labels for arrays of custom fields on the profile and directory templates.
  • BUG: Fixed broken profile links on directory page for certain usernames.
  • Added pmpro_member_profile_fields filter to set or override fields available on the profile pages

Subscription Delays Add On

  • Fixed level cost text when specified dates are used.
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