Proper documentation is critical to making sure Paid Memberships Pro users can take full advantage of all plugin features. That’s why we’re devoting time to improving the core plugin and add on documentation throughout this site.

Shortcodes Documentation

Until now, we didn’t have a central spot that described how to use the plugin’s included and “code recipe” shortcodes. We just added a page with three sections for the different “types” of shortcodes in Paid Memberships Pro.

  • Page Shortcodes that generate the forms and display elements for pages assigned under Memberships > Page Settings in the admin.
  • General Shortcodes that can be used anywhere on your site for various features.
  • Shortcode Recipes that offer PMPro Core and Plus members access to specialty shortcodes not currently part of the core plugin.

View Shortcode Docs

There are also shortcodes available in specific add ons, such as the Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On, that may eventually get some overlapping documentation in this section.

Action and Filter Hook Documentation

Inspired by the formatting of the Developer Resource site, we’ve improved the display, deep linking to GitHub, and example recipes for our library of actions and filters.

You’ll see the documentation here build out over the next couple weeks. The first phase was updating all existing actions and filters in the library, then we added 25 new actions and 78 new filters that were missing documentation. These actions and filters had been added to the core plugin but not yet documented.

We also are setting up a system that links the hook or filter to code recipes we’ve published that leverage that hook or filter. This should help designers and developers in the future who have identified a hook they need to use, but want to see some examples of how you can use that hook to achieve a desired outcome.

View Action and Filter Hooks Docs

Documentation is an ongoing effort.

In doing all of this, we have uncovered more places where documentation would be useful, including a section to show all the PHP functions included in PMPro (like the pmpro_hasMembershipLevel function) that you can make use of in your custom projects or plugins and themes that offer integration. It’s in the works 🙂