Read on to see what our development team and many external developers have contributed to our open source platform in the last few months. This post contains release notes for Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons recently updated.

Development Changelog Add On Updates FebruaryMarch 2022

How to Update PMPro Add Ons

Navigate to Dashboard > Updates in the WordPress admin to update Add Ons in your membership site. A valid license is required to update some of our premium Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates and always update one plugin at a time so that you can isolate upgrade issues.

Approval Process for Membership v1.4.2

Set up a unique approval or application process for your membership site. This plugin gives membership site administrators the ability to approve or deny members.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Capture username of admin/person who reset approval status of a user when logging this action.
  • BUG FIX: Fix issue in some cases where ‘pmproap_user_is_approved’ filter would not run when filtering via code snippets.
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Approvals Add On for Paid Memberships Pro

BuddyPress Integration v1.2.7

Manage access to your BuddyPress Community using Paid Memberships Pro.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Escape and localized strings to allow for translations and additional locales.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now showing messages where settings also apply for BuddyBoss if the plugin is active.
  • BUG FIX: Fixes an issue where in some cases the $cancel_level wasn’t being passed through.
  • BUG FIX: Fixes a warning that the ‘id’ parameter is not set when visiting a group page.
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Member Directory v1.2

Enhance your membership site with a public or members-only searchable directory and customizable member profile pages.

  • ENHANCEMENT: General improvements to localization and translatable strings.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improvement to profile pretty permalinks structure that’s more SEO friendly (e.g. membership-account/profile/admin/). Automatically flush permalinks when needed in admin area.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved handling of clickable links, we try to automatically embed custom fields first or fallback to clickable URL fields.
  • ENHANCEMENT: pmpro_get_element_class implemented on directory and profile pages to load HTML classes as needed.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added “Edit Profile” link for administrators when viewing the profile page. Redirects to the edit profile WordPress page.
  • ENHANCEMENT: New filter pmpromd_try_oembed_url added to allow trying to embed possible fields first. Set this false if you don’t want to automatically embed embeddable URL’s.
  • ENHANCEMENT: New filter pmpromd_format_profile_field added to allow how to format any fields that may be clickable and allows custom output for fields.
  • ENHANCEMENT: New filter pmpromd_user_identifier added to allow how to identify/retrieve the user information. Defaults to “slug” (user_nicename) or can use user ID to retrieve relevant information in the directory or profile page.
  • ENHANCEMENT: New filter pmpro_member_directory_sql_search_where added to allow filtering of search WHERE SQL conditions to offer more specific search results.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Profile page title no longer changes to the user’s name.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved the displaying of level dependent custom fields.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where pagination would cause issues with search.
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Icon for Member Directory

Pay by Check v0.10

A collection of customizations useful when allowing users to pay by check for Paid Memberships Pro levels.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Changed table layout to div instead for checkout payment method selection.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added in support for shortcode logic. Pending members will no longer gain access until approved.
  • BUG FIX: Only reference check orders for grace period settings. Fixes an issue for existing user’s having previous orders with other gateways besides ‘check’. Resolves issues with MMPU..
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Pay by Check

Payment Plans v0.1.1 (New Add On)

Offer different recurring payment structures on the same level of membership, such as monthly, quarterly, or annual pricing. Users can select a payment plans during the checkout process.

  • ENHANCEMENT: The selected payment plan will now be remembered at checkout when the page is reloaded.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Radio buttons used to select payment plans at checkout now utilize the pmpro_get_element_class() function.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Stripe Payment Request button will now show price for selected payment plan.
  • BUG FIX: Now checking that a valid payment plan is selected at checkout.
  • BUG FIX: Now only clearing payment plan settings when this pluin is deleted and when PMPro is set to delete settings on uninstall.
  • REFACTOR: Created new function pmpropp_get_plan() to simplify expected behavior of pmpropp_return_payment_plans().
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PMPro Payment Plans Icon

Subscription Delays v0.5.5

This Add On adds a “delay” field to membership levels and discount codes, allowing you to set a variable-length period between your initial payment (if required) and recurring subscription payment.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Added Italian language files.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Improved localization and added missing strings to translation.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where level price was not generated correctly for daily subscriptions using a subscription delay.
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Icon for Subscription Delays

WooCommerce Integration v1.7.4

Integrates with WooCommerce to sell Memberships as a product, set a global % discount on products by level or set a per-product members-only price.

  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where renewal purchases was extending member’s expiration date by double.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Fixed issues with the Gift Recipient not saving in newer WooCommerce versions.
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WooCommerce Integration Add On
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