Below is a recap of Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons updated recently. We’re also announcing the release of the Invite Only Membership Add On, allowing you to give members invite codes for friends/referrals and require an invite code to register for specified levels.

We’ve also added a pricing comparison table layout to the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode. Sweet!

PMPro Plus members can install and upgrade add ons through their WordPress dashboard under Dashboard > Updates or Memberships > Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates.

About the Invite Only Membership Add On

This new add on allows you to restrict membership signups for specific membership levels and require an invite code.

After completing their membership checkout, your member will receive a unique invite code that they can share with others. You can specify the number of uses on the invite code, make it unlimited, or give the member multiple single-use codes.

A list of used/unused invite code(s) is displayed on the Membership Account page, allowing a member to see who has used their code to register and manage the unused codes tied to their account.

The admin can increase the number of invites available for a user on the “Edit User” page.


Download or View Add On Documentation

The rest of the updated add ons are outlined below.

pmpro_advanced_levels_shortcode-comparisonAdvanced Levels Page Shortcode

  • FEATURE: Added support for Levels Comparison Table layout type (ex. layout=”compare_table”).
  • FEATURE: Added shortcode attribute for renew_button text.

Email Confirmation Add On

  • If you have !!validation_link!! in your email body, the validation link will be inserted there instead of at the top of the email. (Thanks, Thomas Sjolshagen)

Infusionsoft Integration Add On

  • BUG: Checking if iSDK is already loaded before loading again to prevent conflicts with other plugins loading the SDK. Issues may still persist if the plugins load different versions of the SDK.

Invite Only Membership

  • BUG: Fixed bug where “codes used” section would show up even if no codes were used.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updates to the display of used and unused codes in the membership confirmation page and user profile.
  • BUG: Fixed issues where old ->pmpro_invite_codes method was used to check for a user’s invite codes.
  • BUG: Fixed grammar when showing one invite code in a list.

Member RSS

  • Now removing enclosures from member posts.
  • Filtering the RSS content filter to show a link to the post.

Series: Drip Feed Content

  • Fixed new content email cron to remember which posts members were notified of.
  • Updated format of the notification email. Will now send 1 email with a list of all new content instead of 1 email for each post.

Sponsored/Group Members

  • BUG: Added current_time(‘timestamp’) to the date() calls to fix off by one timestamp issues.
  • BUG: No longer applying esc_sql to values in the discount_code settings. Escaping of quotes was breaking the SQL. Make sure your values in your settings are SQL safe.
  • BUG: Fixed bug in pmprosm_getValuesBySponsoredLevel() where it was checking the main account level id instead of the $level_id parameter passed to the function. This would have kept the registration checks from working.
  • FEATURE: Can now override the discount code that is generated for brand new main account users. Add a ‘discount_code’ element to the $pmprosm_sponsored_account_levels array element that is an array itself with values for any of the following discount code fields: code_id, level_id, initial_payment, billing_amount, cycle_number, cycle_period, billing_limit, trial_amount, trial_limit, expiration_number, expiration_period. Make sure that strings in the _period values are wrapped in single quotes, e.g. $discount_code[‘expiration_period’]=>”‘Year'”
  • FEATURE: Added a “discount_code_required” property for sponsored levels, which will remove the registration check to make sure a discount code is used when checking out for a sponsored level. This is useful if users can purchase the sponsored levels directly.

Pay by Check

  • Added support for recurring levels.
  • Create a new “pending” invoice automatically on renewal date.
  • Send emails when the invoice is created asking for payment.
  • Send email if the invoice isn’t paid within 30, 45 days.
  • Cancel the subscription and mark invoice as “unpaid” after 60 days.

I need to be able to create invitation codes for use in the registration process to prevent any registration without a valid invite code. But the codes must be generated from the admin, instead of registrated users. Will I be able to do this?

Hi Paula,

Yes, this is possible with some customization. Our Group Discount Code Add On allows admins to generate any number of random, one-time use discount codes. You can combine that with the customization from this article, which only allows customers with a discount code to register at checkout.

If you would like more guidance or hands on help implementing this solution with Paid Memberships Pro, please sign up at or visit our member support area if you’re already a Paid Memberships Pro Plus member.


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