Below is a recap of Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons updated this week.

How to Update PMPro Add Ons

Navigate to Dashboard > Updates in the WordPress admin to update Add Ons in your membership site. A valid license is required to update some of our premium Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates and always update one plugin at a time so that you can isolate upgrade issues.

Development Changelog for Add On Updates and Release Notes

Member Directory Add On

  • BUG: Fixed css declaration that was affecting elements outside of the pmpro_member_directory div/table
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added ability to load the theme’s (child or parent) custom pmpro-member-directory.css in place of default

Extra Expiration Warning Emails Add On

  • ENHANCEMENT: Allow different templates for emails at different days.

User Fields (Register Helper)

Note: This Add On is now merged into the core PMPro plugin. See our documentation on user fields.

  • BUG: Fixed display issues with file fields.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where the “levels” option was only accepting arrays. You can now pass integers as well to check for a single level. (Thanks, Andy Schaff)
  • ENHANCEMENT: No longer showing required asterisks for fields on the user profile page. We weren’t forcing requirement on the profile page anyway and the asterisks were breaking some theme designs.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added the pmprorh_get_html filter. First parameter $r is the HTML about to be returned by the getHTML method. The second parameter $field is the field object.

Subscription Delays

  • BUG: Now correctly checking for and replacing “M”, “Y”, etc. in subscription delays.

Set Expiration Dates

  • BUG: Fixed bug when applying discount codes
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now showing “Membership expires on {date}” on levels and checkout page when a set expiration date is set. (Thanks, Tania)
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