Hey, folks. Lots of requested features have made their way into the recent updates to the plugin.

Most notably, we’ve added discount codes and expiring memberships. I think you’ll like how we have these integrated. If you are having trouble using them, open a thread on our members forum here. If you find any bugs, let us know on the WordPress.org forum for the plugin.

Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Note that if you’ve templatized your checkout, account, confirmation, or invoice pages, you’ll need to add some code from the recent updates into your templates to properly show expiration dates and allow discount codes on your checkout form.

We’ve also added a ton of hooks. I’m working on a hook section in the support documents to cover all of these with an explanation and examples, but in the meantime you can search the plugin code to see how they work. (That’s a good practice anyway.) Or support members can open a forum thread if you need help.

Here’s a list of the new hooks:

  • pmpro_send_expiration_warning_email
  • pmpro_send_trial_ending_email
  • pmpro_level_expiration_text
  • pmpro_skip_account_fields
  • pmpro_rss_text_filter
  • pmpro_non_member_text_filter
  • pmpro_not_logged_in_text_filter
  • pmpro_has_membership_access_filter
  • pmpro_has_membership_access_filter_{post-type}

PayPal Express and Standard integration is next on the docket. After that there are a few things we’ll be weaving into the plugin, our focus will switch to improving the support documentation.

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