Plugins in the WordPress Repository

These official PMPro plugins are available in the WordPress repository and can be installed through Plugins --> Add New.

Email Templates Admin Editor

Hide Admin Bar from Non-Admins

PMPro bbPress

Third-party Integration

These official PMPro plugins integrate with specific third-party tools and software.

PMPro AWeber Integration

PMPro Constant Contact

PMPro GetResponse

PMPro Import Users from CSV

PMPro Infusionsoft Integration

PMPro KISSmetrics

PMPro MailChimp Integration

PMPro Post Affiliate Pro Integration

PMPro WooCommerce

PMPro WP Affiliate Platform Integration

Plugins on GitHub

These official PMPro plugins must be downloaded from GitHub and installed through Plugins » Add New » Upload, then activated. These plugins cannot be automatically updated and may require more developer input.

Levels Page in DIV Layout

Levels Page in UL Layout

PMPro Add PayPal Express Option at Checkout

PMPro Check Payment Level

PMPro Custom Level Cost Text

PMPro Gift Levels

PMPro Lightweight Affiliate Tracking

PMPro Limit Post Views

PMPro Member RSS

PMPro Membership Card

PMPro Membership Manager Role

PMPro Network Membership

PMPro Network/Multisite Membership

PMPro Purchase Access to a Single Page

PMPro Reason for Cancelling

PMPro Roles

PMPro Series for Drip-Feed Content

PMPro Set Expiration Date

PMPro Social Locker

PMPro Sponsored Members

PMPro User Pages

Register Helper: Add Checkout and Profile Fields

Require Strong Passwords

Shipping Address on Membership Checkout

WP Bouncer

Code Gists

These are bits of code that generally must be added to your active theme's functions.php file or included in a custom plugin. Most gists require customization and are recommended for developers only.

PMPro Disable All Emails

PMPro Require a Code to Register

PMPro Require Name/Address for Free Level

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GPL v2